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Here are some facts.

For my passion project, I choose European handball.


-I learn that European handball started in 1897 when the first recorded rules of team handball were created. However the game was played in ancient Greece and Rome before 1897.

– Also others countries like France, Greenland and Egypt Started to play European handball too

-In 19th Centaury Denmark, Czech, Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Germany, Ireland and Urguay used to play similar to European handball.

-European handball is a fast sport. It mixed between Soccer, Netball and Basketball. European handball can be played outdoor and indoor.


That all what i learn about European Handball.

I use this website to get my information-



  1. A great start Nay Tha Thaw. Can you please answer the following questions for me? How many people are in a game of handball? I wonder if the rules of handball have always been the same? How many points are recorded when someone scores? What are the positions people play in handball?

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

    Mrs Robertson


  2. I think it is a great topic for your passion project I think it is unique.

    Puler 6R


  3. Nay Tha Thaw that was a great. I totaly liked it 100% great


  4. Dear Nay Tha Thaw

    I like how you explain which country like that European handball, and I learnt when it was made.

    Who is the best European handball player?


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